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Dental Implants Katy, TX

One of the most embarrassing things anyone experiences is a missing tooth. The last thing you want to do is open your mouth, whether to speak, eat, or smile. More importantly, it makes these tasks difficult to accomplish, hindering your day-to-day life in innumerable ways. If you’ve become fed up with the gap in your teeth creating problems in your life, call upon Stella Dental Care for the quality dental implant dentist you need to solve the problem.

Having a qualified, professional dentist for dental implants in Katy, TX, has more implications than just cosmetic ones. If your mouth is left for too long with a gap or missing tooth, then problems start to occur. Crowding begins to occur at a certain point when your mouth begins to push the other teeth forward to fill in the gap.

The newly formed crevices that spring up after the crowding occurs become an ideal space for bacteria to hide, which leads to all sorts of dental hygiene issues down the line, including tooth decay and gum disease. You need to seek a periodontist immediately if you notice the quality of your oral hygiene begin to decline due to a missing or damaged tooth. Schedule an appointment with our dentist’s office for a thorough assessment of your situation.

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Quality Dental Implants for a Natural Looking Smile

By using the latest tools and techniques that the dental industry has to offer, our team is capable of covering or entirely replacing your damaged or missing tooth. Your closest friends and family members won’t even be able to notice the difference!

With a properly inserted dental implant, you’ll hardly be able to notice it isn’t your real tooth when looking at yourself in the mirror. Our implants allow you to speak and chew as you normally would, thanks to the latest advancements in dental technology. Once we implant your new tooth, it looks and feels so authentic that you may even forget that you ever lost a tooth to begin with.

The process is simple. Our implants are held in place by something called an abutment, a specialized implant that acts like a natural root. By anchoring into the gum, we don’t have to attach the dental implant to the surrounding teeth. This cuts down on chafing and greatly increasing your comfort.

Contact us the moment you lose a tooth for an implant to prevent crowding. We are proud to serve Katy, Houston, and Sugar Land, Texas, and the surrounding area.